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Pro Tools 10.3.5リリース

Pro Toolsの10.3.5がリリースされました。複数のバグフィックスの含まれたバージョンとなります。10.3へバージョンアップをされたお客様はご利用頂ますようお願いいたします。

Pro Tools/Pro Tools HD 10.3.5 はフル・インストーラーです。古いバージョンのPro Toolsを事前にアンインストールしたうえで、Pro Tools 10.3.5 のインストールをお願いします。
Pro Tools 10.xとPro Tools HD 10.xのインストーラーは同一となります。インストーラーに違いはありませんが、オーソライズ時にソフトウェアを識別します。

インストール方法の詳細は Pro Tools 10.3 インストールガイド(各国語版) の日本語ページをご参照ください。

Issues Resolved in Pro Tools 10.3.5

  • Punch recording modes now work at all timeline locations. (PTSW-172752, PTSW-176726)
  • Certain types of plug-ins now properly receive keystrokes when focused without causing unwanted behavior in Pro Tools (such as spacebar controlling the Transport). Note that some plug-ins do not accept certain keystrokes and those keystrokes will control Pro Tools. (PTSW-165586, PTSW-172156, PTSW-172540)
  • Multiple automation breakpoints in the same location are now cleaned up when using the Import Session Data command. (PTSW-179121)
    When there is no other automation on a track except for an initial breakpoint, extra breakpoints are no longer created when trimming or nudging a clip from the beginning of a session. (PTSW-179170)
  • Unwanted automation ramps are no longer created after trimming a clip in Shuffle mode. (PTSW-178118)
  • Clips are no longer missing from the timeline after AAF import of a mixed frame rate sequence. (PTSW-167656)
  • During import, if a file’s Unique Identifier (UID) is identical to one already in the session, and the Name and Mod Date of the files are also identical, the existing file in the session is automatically used. However, if two files have the same UID but different Mod Dates, Pro Tools lets you choose between using the existing file or stamping a new UID into the file being imported. This resolves potential problems when audio files are processed outside of Pro Tools and re-imported. (PTSW-179183)
  • The calculation of waveform overviews has been optimized.See for more information