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Pro Tools 11.1及び10.3.8リリース

Pro Toolsの最新バージョンがリリースされましたのでお知らせいたします。複数の不具合が解消されたバグフィックスバージョンとなりMac OS 10.9 marvericksへも対応したバージョンとなります。
Video Satelliteの機能の一つであるSatellite Linkを利用して複数のPro Toolsを同期されている方はご注意が必要です。今回のPro Tools 11.1は、過去のバージョン(Ver.11.0.x含む)とのSatellite Linkが出来ません。こちらご留意下さい。
Video Satelliteお詳細はこちらをご確認下さい>>>(英語)


PTSW-184656: AudioSuite window now includes Plug-In name.
PTSW-180095: Added Applescript support for the "Save Session Copy" command.
PTSW-180085: Improved support for Nudge values with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX.
PTSW-180084: Improved support for memory locations with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX.
PTSW-180083: Improved support for the Click II plug-in with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX.
PTSW-180082: Improved support for Memory Locations with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX.
PTSW-180080: Improved support for window configurations with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX.
PTSW-189731: Improved support for track selector, preset selection, and automation controls from within plug-in windows with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX.
PTSW-180081: Improved support for Delete Unused Playlist dialogs with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX.
PTSW-180078: Improved support for Beat Detective with the VoiceOver accessibility option in OSX


PTSW-187111: Fixed an issue that delayed automation mode switching on VCA tracks.
PTSW-187110: Fixed an issue that prevented engaging playback within several seconds of completing an automation pass.
PTSW-185374: Fixed an issue that prevented pasting volume automation under certain circumstances.

Bounce to Disk

PTSW-189468: Improved bounce functionality when using multiple buses in series.
PTSW-185058: Improved MIDI handling during realtime bounce.
PTSW-185425: Inserting plug-ins on unvoiced tracks no longer interferes with offline bounce.


PTSW-186213: Fixed a case where importing multichannel interleaved audio files would arrange channels out of order.
PTSW-182253: **made a point to mention audio only, since OMF files containing video are not supported. "Fixed an issue that would prevent Pro Tools from importing some audio-only OMF files."
PTSW-167656: Improved handling of AAF files that contain source material of mixed frame rates.
PTSW-190308: Fixed a case where creating a send would cause Pro Tools to display an "Access violation occurred, unable to read the location. 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" error on HDX systems.
PTSW-186590: Fixed an issue that would prevent Pro Tools from properly closing sessions with ReWire inserts.
PTSW-185903: Pro Tools will now properly detect the AVB64 playback engine for use with System 3 Live consoles.
PTSW-185111: Fixed an issue where Pro Tools would close unexpectedly while re-linking files.
PTSW-189414: Fixed an issue that would prevent sessions on read-only drives from opening in Pro Tools.
PTSW-185844: The Pro Tools installer will now replace older instances of REX Shared Library.
PTSW-185429: Accessing files on network drives will no longer cause undesirable Core Audio behavior when quitting Pro Tools.
PTSW-190398: Fixed some instances of Error -9155 in sessions with heavy automation on HDX systems.
PTSW-185399: Fixed an issue where dense automation on surround tracks would cause Pro Tools to close unexpectedly.
UME-854: Fixed a case where the Avid Video Engine would fail to load on a non-administrator account in OSX.

Control Surface

PTSW-183654: Disconnecting from the System 3 Live engine will no longer cause Pro Tools to display an error message.
PTSW-178204: Pro Tools session templates now include EuControl layouts.


PTSW-188794: Improved TCE tool stability.
PTSW-186234: Fixed editing behavior with the Object Grabber.
PTSW-177550: Fixed an issue where Pro Tools would show undesirable behavior, after recording to the end of a prepared DPE track while in Destructive Punch.
PTSW-184329: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect Groove Quantize results in some sessions.


PTSW-186541: Fixed an issue where some notes could become stuck while auditioning from the MIDI Editor window on some PC systems.
PTSW-186373: Fixed an issue where changing a clip's user time stamp would result in an error.
PTSW-189563: Pro Tools now captures MIDI notes that intersect with a punch point.
PTSW-190083: Fixed an issue that would cause a delay before initiating playback.
PTSW-189870: Fixed an issue that would prevent recalculation of waveform overviews from the Clips List.
PTSW-173794: PDF functions now work properly in the Score Editor's Print menu.
PTSW-183907: Fixed an issue that would cause Pro Tools to close unexpedtedly when quitting, if several Workspace windows are open.


PTSW-187122: Uninstalling Pro Tools 11 no longer removes the 32 bit AAX plug-ins that are used by Pro Tools 10.
PTSW-178630: Pro Tools now installs a new version of the DigiTest diagnostics utility.
PTSW-187069: "Fixed an issue that prevented Pro Tools installations from properly updating system plug-ins, which could cause fatal errors." Related to Elastic Audio Plug-In


PTSW-189655: Fixed an issue that prevented Pro Tools from routing MIDI through ReWire with certain Japanese characters in the device name.
PTSW-189326: Improved Automatic Delay Compensation stability when toggling track record states.
PTSW-185410: Fixed an issue where "Load Rig from Computer" would fail in sessions that had been modified by Pro Tools 11.1.
PTSW-185813: Fixed an issue that prevented some instances of HD plug-ins from being reinstantiated properly on Native systems.
PTSW-181711: The "Bypass EQ" command (Shift+E) now works properly with Channel Strip.
PTSW-187057: Fixed an issue that would prevent X-Form from following changes to project tempo.


PTSW-188337: Improvements to MIDI Timecode stability in Pro Tools 11.1.


PTSW-185070: Video no longer flickers when playback is stopped by the user.
PTSW-184691: Video track options no longer appear "greyed out" or unavailable when reopening Pro Tools sessions.
PTSW-188266: Fixed an issue where Pro Tools would display first frame of the video when stopping or starting the transport while looping.
PTSW-184563: Fixed an issue that would prevent video from playing without toggling the video track's online state, after disabling and then enabling Avid Video Engine.
PTSW-184445: The Video window will no longer relocate when changing size or aspect ratio on systems with multiple displays.
PTSW-184134: Pro Tools will no longer automatically open a blank Video window if there is no video in the current project.
PTSW-183074: When re-opening a project with a fullscreen Video window, Pro Tools will now position the Video window correctly.
PTSW-182566: Pro Tools no longer displays an incorrect frame when trimming video clips.

UME-912: Improved video nudge performance.

UME-874: Improved display handling of video files with non-standard aspect ratios.
UME-856: "Enable video hardware during scrub" now behaves as desired with Black Magic and AJA video peripherals.

UME-867: Pro Tools systems with Black Magic hardware will now position the playhead properly upon stop when Insertion Follows Playback is disabled.
UME-327: Increased Avid Video Engine (AVE) performance.
UME-852: Pro Tools no longer displays an error on some configurations when resizing the video window during playback.
UME-786: The Video window will now update immediately to reflect user aspect ratio settings.


PTSW-185803: Improvements to Copy and Relink function in Workspace.
PTSW-185442: Pro Tools will audition audio files properly from the Workspace with Conform to Session Tempo enabled.
PTSW-188227: Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping files within the workspace would result in duplicate files.
PTSW-186544: Searching by tempo in the workspace will now retrieve the correct results.
PTSW-185946: Files in the Workspace that begin with the same letter as the parent folder can now be selected by typing the first letter.
PTSW-185747: The Workspace command "Calculate Waveforms" now works properly with MP3 and REX files.
PTSW-184508: "Select Parent in Workspace" command now functions properly without requiring user to close workspace windows.
PTSW-183098: Quotation marks are no longer treated as text when searching the Workspace.
PTSW-182212: Improvements to Workspace window configuration handling.
PTSW-181789: Fixed issue that would cause selections to be displayed improperly in the Workspace browser.
PTSW-176649: Fixed an issue that would prevent some files from being relinked in the Catalog browser.
PTSW-180037: Sorting by name in the Workspace browser no longer alphabetizes files and folders separately.
PTSW-185452: Fixed an issue that would prevent the Wokspace from properly indexing some SDII files.